What's News in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin

Residential Well Testing
On Monday, May 8, a concern was raised regarding residential wells in proximity to a horse farm where buried animal carcasses were located. Since this time, Village officials have received numerous calls from area residents relating to well safety.

On Thursday, May 2, in conjunction with the investigation, Pleasant Prairie Public Works staff collected samples from two wells on the property located in the 1800 block of Russell Road. An independent testing lab under contract with the Village analyzed the drinking water samples. Both drinking water samples from the site tested SAFE for drinking. The water in a nearby stream was tested by the Department of Natural Resources and was also found to be SAFE.

Although it is not mandatory for nearby residents to have wells tested as a result of the animals buried on the property, it is a good practice for well owners to test their wells annually. Well testing kits with sterile bottles are available for Pleasant Prairie residents at Pleasant Prairie Village Hall (9915 39th Avenue) and the Prange Municipal Center (8600 Green Bay Road). A well test costs $25, and results are available after 48 hours. Well testing kits are also available from the Kenosha County Division of Health at a similar cost. Illinois residents should contact their local municipal office for well testing policies and procedures.

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