What's News in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin

Preliminary Plans Approved
On Monday, January 14, the Pleasant Prairie Plan Commission considered and approved Preliminary Site and Operational Plans for CenterPoint WisPark Land Company, LLC. CenterPoint is proposing to build a 471,403 square foot industrial building on approximately 26 acres of vacant land north of 109th Street between 80th and 88th Avenues in LakeView Corporate Park. The tenant for the new industrial building, referred to as LakeView XIV, was announced as Ta Chen International, Inc.

Ta Chen, based in Taiwan and founded in 1989, is a leading distributor of stainless steel, aluminum and nickel alloy products. The company currently has eight warehouses serving the United States market. The company’s new Pleasant Prairie location will serve the Chicago and Milwaukee markets.

Preliminary plans call for a 38-foot tall building to be constructed of precast concrete. The building will be built to accommodate indoor loading and unloading of semi-trucks, and plans provide adequate space for on-site truck queuing, stacking and parking. Preliminary plans also call for 10,489 square feet of office space within the building. With approval of the Preliminary Plans, CenterPoint may now apply for an erosion control permit to begin mass grading at the site.

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