What's News in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin

Municipal Court
On Monday, November 19, the Pleasant Prairie Village Board considered and approved changes to the Villageís ordinance related to Municipal Court. The changes are intended to safeguard and strengthen the financial operations of the Municipal Court by making them more transparent. Updates were also made to the ordinance to reflect recent changes made to the Courtís location and receipting process.

Changes approved by the Board will allow the Court to become more transparent through monthly reporting of the courtís receivables to an independent department in the Village, via the Village Treasurer. A change to the ordinance will also formally require that the courtís financial records be maintained according to the Government Accounting Standards Board (GASB) guidelines. Additional changes approved include: reducing the term of office for the Municipal Judge from four years to two years; adjusting the pay structure for the Municipal Judge from an annual salary to a payment per court session; and giving the Village Board the ability to approve the Municipal Judgeís determination of when court will be held.

Pleasant Prairie Finance Director Kathleen Goessl explained, ďThe changes that were approved should enhance the Courtís transparency by providing summary financial accounting of the courtís receivables to an independent department. It also brings the ordinance up-to-date to reflect actual operations.Ē

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