What's News in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin

During October amendments to the Village Comprehensive Plan related to the future Village Green Center were considered by both the Plan Commission and the Village Board. On October 15, the Village Board approved the amendments. The approval integrates a Village Green Center Sub-Neighborhood Plan into the Village Comprehensive Plan.

The Sub-Neighborhood Plan outlines where different types of future development could be placed once current land owners are ready to change the use of their land. Community Development Director Jean Werbie-Harris explained, “These plans serve as a guide for how land in the area could develop over the long-term, once land owners are ready to either develop or redevelop their
own property.”

Werbie-Harris continued, “Planning is done to provide people with future options for how the land can develop in an orderly fashion, eliminating the likelihood of poorly matched land uses and pockets of unserviceable or unusable land that could lead to lower value of the land.” The approval will now enable a developer/property owner to begin marketing portions of his land for commercial uses. It is expected that the northern portion of the future Village Green Center would be the first area to develop.

The Village Green Center is a proposed, future, downtown-like area at the demographic center of Pleasant Prairie. Proposed future plans call for a mixed-use development blending commercial, civic and residential uses to serve as a core gathering place for the community. Public discussion about a Village Center began more than twenty years ago, but population counts in the surrounding areas did not support the center’s development at the time. Today, the Village has grown to approximately 20,000 residents.

Since 2004, a private developer, owning a large amount of open space in the Village Green Center, has been working with Village staff and members of the community to gather and funnel public input for the project into tangible future plans for the land and surrounding area. During 2007 and 2008, two planning cafés were held where public input for the Village Center was gathered. Approximately 125 participants attended the first of the two cafés, and approximately 108 attended the second. The public input received during the cafés was used to develop the sub-neighborhood plan and is still being used to develop more refined guidelines for the appearance of potential future development.

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