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Recycling Changes
With the approval of a new recycling contract this August, the Village received an updated list of what materials are recyclable and what materials are not. Below is a breakdown of acceptable recyclables.

ACCEPTABLE RECYCLABLES - all should be clean of food remnants
- newspaper
- cardboard
- magazines
- flyers
- telephone books
- paperback books
- catalogs
- boxboard (unlined soda or merchandise boxes)
- untreated office papers (typing, copy or printer paper)
- stationery
- envelopes
- bills
- brown paper bags
- junk mail
- glass - clean bottles only
- metals - aluminum or steel (tin) clean cans only
- plastics - clean food containers and clean bottles clearly marked with recyclable designations 1-7

- waxed or coated papers or boxes (food containers, laminated papers)
- toilet or facial tissue
- heat sensitive papers
- synthetic papers (Tyvek)
- wrapping papers
- photographs
- carbon papers
- hard covered books or binders
- glued papers (labels)
- window glass
- ceramic cups/dishes
- cooking pots/pans
- aerosol cans
- clothes hangers
- hazardous waste containers
- appliances or electronics (click here)
- construction materials
- composite materials (plastic/metal/glass used together in one item)
- styrofoam
- plastic bags (click here)

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