What's News in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin

Road Overview
In the Village of Pleasant Prairie, three separate entities have jurisdiction over public roadways. The State of Wisconsin holds ownership over State highways (such as Highway 165, Highway 50 and Highway 31) and I-94 frontage roads. Kenosha County holds ownership over County highways (such as Highway H or Highway C) and portions of other roads; and the Village holds ownership over Village roadways.

While the State of Wisconsin is responsible for decisions and funding related to State highways, the State contracts with Kenosha County for maintenance work on State owned roadways, such as lawn mowing and snow removal. Kenosha County also funds and performs maintenance on County owned highways or roads, while the Village funds and performs maintenance on Village owned roads.

An exception to this in recent years, due to cuts in the State budget, has been that the Village has been performing seasonal lawn mowing along State owned highways. This is done in order to maintain a safe and inviting environment along these heavily traveled corridors in our community.

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