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Seasonal Paving
During June, the Village Board awarded a contract for paving projects to Black Diamond Group of Oak Creek in the amount of $806,797. Six paving and road construction projects have been slated for completion this year. Work on the projects began mid-June. Staff anticipates the following projects will be complete near the end of September:

The repaving of 116th Street between Sheridan Road and 26th Avenue.
Repaving includes pulverizing the top layer of pavement, preparing the roadway foundation, making manhole and valve adjustments, relaying new asphalt, and applying lane markings. Repaving is meant to prolong the life of the road base.

The repaving of 102nd Street, west of County Highway H.

The repaving of 100th Street, from County Highway H to 80th Avenue.

A micro surface was applied to 85th Street, from Cooper Road to 39th Avenue.
A micro surface is sealant that is mixed and spread onto the surface of a road to fill cracks and provide a weatherproof seal. A micro surface performs a different function than repaving, as it is not intended to structurally repair the top layer of a roadway, but to fill cracks and weatherproof the road.

A micro surface was applied to Lakeshore Drive, between 7th Avenue and 116th Street.

The final paving within the Ashbury Creek Subdivision.
Final paving in residential areas involves performing any necessary repair and applying the top and final layer of pavement.

With the conclusion of these projects, Village staff will now complete a review of the work prior to accepting the projects. The projects listed above were paid for with dollars from the general fund budget. No new debt was incurred to pay for these improvements.

During 2013, the Village is planning to resurface the portion of 116th Street between 26th and 39th Avenues to match the roadway profile to the east and to the west. Current plans call for the top layer of asphalt to be pulverized and new asphalt to be relayed. Shoulders on the roadway will be paved and lane markings will be applied.

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