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New Contracts Approved
During August, new garbage and recycling contracts were considered and approved by the Village Board. Village staff sought proposals from recycling and garbage service providers. After evaluating proposals for total costs related to both services, including tipping fees and travel costs, staff made a formal recommendation to the board.

For single stream recycling services, the Village had previously contracted with Veolia ES Solid Waste Midwest, LLC. Based on travel costs to the recycling facility, a tipping fee paid per ton of material, and a recycling rebate received, Veolia again presented the lowest total cost for recycling services. A three-year contract with Veolia for single stream recycling services was approved this August. Pleasant Prairie collects recyclable material curb side for residential properties and transports it to Veolia’s location in the City of Kenosha. Pleasant Prairie hauls approximately 2,200 tons of recyclable material to this location annually. Veolia bales the material in Kenosha and hauls it to an alternate processing facility.

The Village previously contracted with Veolia ES Zion Landfill, Inc. to accept garbage (solid waste) material for disposal into their landfill. Veolia again presented the lowest overall cost for landfill services. A three-year contract with Veolia for landfill services was also approved this August. The Village disposes of approximately 6,200 tons of solid waste per year. Staff collects solid waste weekly and transports it to Veolia which is located five minutes south of the Roger Prange Center. The Village sends three trucks per day to the Veolia landfill.

Village residents contribute directly to cost savings for these services. Because the Village pays a much smaller tipping fee for recyclables than garbage and because in the current recycling market we receive a rebate for recycled material (but not for garbage), the more material that is recycled and kept out of the landfill, the lower the expenses are for the utility. Click here for a list of items that are both acceptable and not acceptable for recycling.

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