What's News in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin

Well Permits
Pleasant Prairie residents who have both municipal water and a non-abandoned well on their property are required to obtain a Well Operating Permit every five years. Permits currently cost $25 and are granted when the following requirements have been met:

• The well and pump installation meets the requirements of Ch. NR 811.10 Wis. Adm. Code. The well constructor’s report is on file with the Department of Natural Resources, or certification of the acceptability of the well has been granted by the Private Water Supply Section of the Department of Natural Resources.

• The well has a history of producing safe water and presently produces bacteriologically safe water as evidenced by two samplings (taken two weeks apart).

• The proposed use of the well can be justified as being necessary in addition to water provided by the public water system.

• No physical connection shall exist between the piping of the public water system and the private well.

Letters were recently mailed to residents with Well Operating Permits that are ready to be renewed. If you have questions relating to well water sampling and the Well Operating Permit, please contact the Public Works Department at 262.925.6700.

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