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Illicit Discharge
Village Taking Action Against Business With Illicit Discharge

A BP Amoco gas station located at 10477 120th Avenue, has been ordered to stop an ongoing illicit discharge of petroleum products into a drainage ditch adjacent to the property. The discharge is creating soil and groundwater contamination. The station owners have also been ordered to develop and implement a plan to remove the contamination caused by the discharge.

During 2011, the discharge was brought to the attention of the Village, the State Department Natural Resources, and the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation. Since that time, several contacts have been made notifying the station owners of the steps that must be taken to both stop the discharge and remediate the contamination. To date, the discharge continues to take place. This spring, the Village has started issuing daily citations for the illicit discharge. The Village has outlined specific actions that the owners of the station must take along with respective deadlines for communicating any progress made. Each day that deadlines are not complied with, the station owners are issued a $676 citation. Citations issued thus far have totaled more than $43,000.

Mike Spence, Village Engineer, explained, “The best case scenario is for the property owner to take sufficient measures to stop the discharge of petroleum products into the drainage ditch and to clean up the contamination that has occurred.” Spence added, “We are pursuing this contamination aggressively, because the issue identified a year ago still exists today. The station owners have had ample opportunity to stop the discharge, but have not yet taken the appropriate actions.”

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