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Fire & Rescue
New Full-Time Firemedics Sworn In
Department structure shifted from reliance on paid-on-call to full-time staff

On May 21, Pleasant Prairie Fire & Rescue held a graduation ceremony for the newest members of its department. In total, nine new full-time members underwent a training program specific to Pleasant Prairie. At the ceremony, each new member was presented with the department badge and officially became active Firemedics for the Village of Pleasant Prairie. Each new candidate entered the program as a firemedic. New members of the department were sworn in on April 16, 2012. In addition to the new full-time members, two paid-on-call members were also sworn in.

In a continued effort to provide a high level of service for a reasonable cost, the Village proposed to shift the structure of the Fire & Rescue Department from relying more heavily on paid-on-call members (very much like volunteers) to the hiring of seven additional full-time members, as part of the 2012 budget. The Village also filled two vacancies within their existing full-time staff.

The structural shift was made to increase the number of personnel available for responding to calls. This reduced the need for full-time staff to be called back to the station while off-duty. Funds previously planned for roadway improvements are being used to pay for the full-time additions, in order to reinforce the department without the need to increase property taxes. Though the shift in funding will slow the rate at which Village-owned roads are rebuilt, public works staff will continue its ongoing spring, summer and fall road maintenance routines, and a core safety service will be reinforced.

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