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Agreement Approved
While the majority of Pleasant Prairie employees are not (and have not historically been) represented by a union, the Village Fire & Rescue and Police Departments do have union representation. During the month of May, the Village Board approved a labor agreement reached between the Village and Pleasant Prairie’s Professional Police Association which will cover the years 2011 through 2013. Negotiations between Village administration and the Association took place over the winter months.

Village Administrator Mike Pollocoff described the negotiations as, “...productive, efficient and mutually beneficial...” Pollocoff explained, “The Police Association came to the table with an understanding that employees in both the public and private sector have made sacrifices to keep both municipalities and businesses operating during a time of financial distress. These folks came to the table ready to help preserve the integrity of the department on behalf of the community they serve.” As part of it’s former contract, which expired at the end of 2010, the Association members agreed to take no pay raises during 2010 and 2011.

As part of the newly approved three-year contract, officers will receive a 3% overall increase in pay during 2012 and a 3% overall increase in pay during 2013, however, the increases will be phased in every six months in increments of 1.5%. Additional changes made during the negotiations include:

• the addition of a 3% retirement contribution by members effective March 1, 2012 and an increased retirement contribution of 5.9% by members effective January 1, 2013 (this will bring officers’ contributions in line with other non-represented Village employees)

• the addition of a 3% health insurance premium contribution by members effective March 1, 2012 and an increased health insurance premium contribution of 5% by members effective January 1, 2013

• the addition of a “Power Shift” for the K9 officer in order to account for adequate shift coverage in addition to care and training time for the K9

• the extension of the probationary period from fifteen (15) to eighteen (18) months

• an increase in the amount of sick leave an officer can accrue to 1,260 hours, and the addition of a requirement allowing the department to request a doctor’s release prior to allowing an officer to resume duty

• the addition of a policy allowing the Police Chief to send an officer home or to a doctor if it is believed that the officer is unable to fulfill his/her duties

• the elimination of Village payment of vision insurance premium effective June 1, 2012

• the addition of limits placed on uniform and equipment reimbursements and the establishment of a consignment system for uniforms and equipment

Within the Pleasant Prairie Police Department, 19 officers and detectives are presently members of the Association. The department has a core mission to protect citizens and their property, to prevent crime and preserve an environment in which the highest quality of life is possible. Members of the department work to this end on an ongoing basis. To learn more about the Pleasant Prairie Police Department, please click here.

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