What's News in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin

Retirement Announced

Chief of Police for the Village of Pleasant Prairie, Brian J. Wagner, has announced that he will retire from his position in July of this year. Wagner has served as Chief of Police in Pleasant Prairie for the past 11 years. Wagner has spent a total of 31 years in service to the community with the Pleasant Prairie Police Department. Chief Wagner’s official retirement date will be July 1, 2012.

Wagner has served as only the second Chief of Police since Pleasant Prairie’s incorporation as a Village. Mike Pollocoff, Village Administrator, explained, “Brian has been an excellent Chief for the Village and has managed the growth in the police department extremely well during a period of intense growth in the community. Under Brian’s management, the staff of the Pleasant Prairie Police Department has become known as one of the most performance-oriented, productive and community-focused departments in the State.”

Wagner expressed his fondness for the department, “I have been privileged to lead an amazing group of law enforcement professionals. It is to the men and women of the Pleasant Prairie Police Department that I owe more than I can ever repay. They will always have my respect and admiration and I will always be proud to have worked alongside them.” In a letter addressed to the Police and Fire Commission, Wagner thanked the Commission for the opportunity to serve the community in this role. He described the past 11 years as “…a privilege and the honor of a lifetime…”

The Pleasant Prairie Police and Fire Commission will be conducting a national search for the next Chief of Police. The search is expected to take several months to complete. Upon Wagner’s retirement, Deputy Chief David Mogensen will be appointed Interim Chief of Police throughout the recruiting and selection process. Mogensen has been with the Pleasant Prairie Police Department since 1990. Mike Pollocoff added, “This is one of our most difficult positions to replace. We appreciate Dave’s willingness to act as Interim Chief. His skill and leadership ability will guide the department through the recruitment and selection period.”

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