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Garbage and Recycling
By placing your carts 5 feet away from any other obstruction, you make collection more efficient and less costly, because the operator will not have to exit the truck to rearrange your cart. Over the course of one collection route, this one simple step can have a tremendous impact on the efficiency of collection.

Since the introduction of automated garbage and recycling collection, your participation has enabled the Village to streamline the collection process. With your help, garbage and recycling collection has become more efficient, more planet friendly and easier on our collective pocket books. Now, we’re requesting your renewed assistance to make the process more even more efficient by following the simple steps below.

• Bag your garbage and place the bag into your Village garbage cart
• Wheel your cart to the roadside by 6:30 a.m. on your collection day
• Your cart should be placed 5 feet away from any obstructions (poles, cars, garage doors, mailboxes, etc.) and on the opposite side of your driveway than your recycling cart
• The cart should open towards the street
• Do not bungee or tie down the lid to your cart. In order to work properly, the lid must be able to swing open freely

Depending on your route, garbage or recycling may not be picked up until 3:00 p.m. Please call 262.925.6700 if you have problems with your pickup. Staff would like to thank all those again who have helped make the collection process more efficient.

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