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Social Hosting
Village Board Approved Social Hosting Ordinance

In an effort to discourage underage possession and consumption of alcohol, the Village Board approved a Social Hosting ordinance. The new ordinance will hold people who knowingly host events or gatherings where underage people possess or consume alcohol civilly responsible for their actions, regardless of whether that person supplied the alcohol. The ordinance was written in response to a request from members of the Concerned Citizens Coalition, and a similar ordinance was adopted in the City of Kenosha within the past year.

Under the new ordinance: “It is unlawful for any person(s) to: host or allow an event or gathering at any residence, premises or on any other private or public property where alcohol or alcoholic beverages are present when the person knows that an underage person will or does consume any alcohol or alcoholic beverage; or possess an alcohol or alcoholic beverage with the intent to consume it: and the person fails to take reasonable steps to prevent possession or consumption by the underage person(s).” The ordinance goes into additional detail to clarify prohibited acts, exceptions to the rule, definitions of related terms, and related penalties. Penalties for violating the Social Hosting ordinance will range from a fine of no less than $1,000 and no greater than $5,000, together with the costs of prosecution.

The Village held the first reading of the ordinance on Monday, March 19. A second reading was held and the Board approved the adoption of the ordinance at an April 2 Village Board meeting. The ordinance is meant to act as a deterrent to Social Hosting by holding an individual responsible for hosting an event or gathering where underage possession or consumption of alcohol occurs.

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