What's News in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin

Village Tree Pruning
In an effort to protect trees within the Village right of way from damage related to strong winds and large trucks, the Village has started a tree pruning project. Village staff with horticultural experience have begun pruning trees within Village right of way and will continue throughout the Spring months.

Staff will prune branches that have been damaged by truck traffic. They will also be thinning the canopy to contribute to the overall health of the trees in the right of way. Tree pruning is scheduled to continue this spring near: Whittier Heights (Cooper Road and 87th Place); Tuckaway Trails (85th Street and 65th Avenue); and Graystone Subdivision (78th Street and 46th Avenue).

Drivers are asked to use extra caution when traveling through areas when staff are pruning trees within the right of way. Thank you for your cooperation.

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