What's News in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin

Recycling Update
In the October 2011 issue of the Village Newsletter, residents were asked to help keep garbage collection costs down by recycling more. The Village would like to thank those of you who helped and ask for your continued assistance! Over the months of November and December, the volume of recyclables collected increased while the volume of garbage collected decreased.

During October, the Solid Waste Utility paid approximately $21,036 in garbage tipping fees. Thanks to residentsí help, tipping fees decreased to approximately $19,687 during December (due to the decrease in the amount of garbage collected). During October, residents recycled 167 tons of material, while in December, residents recycled about 200 tons. If residential garbage customers continue to recycle more and generate less garbage, it will help offset increasing tipping fees (currently $42.50 per ton, compared to $29.31 per ton in 2006). Thank you again... your help will continue to make a difference!

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