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Fleet Internal Service Fund
A new addition in 2009, the Fleet Internal Service Fund has been performing well during its first three years. Under the Fleet Internal Service Fund, vehicles and equipment used by Public Works, Parks, Engineering, and the four Utilities were consolidated under one management system. This new equipment pool was created to streamline the sharing of equipment among Village departments.

With this structure, maintenance and replacement costs are factored into a pay-per-use system for each of the participating Village departments. Through the pay-per-use system, the Village sets money aside for future repair and replacement needs in order to avoid borrowing to purchase equipment. The Fleet Internal Service Fund has built a solid base of funds to purchase vehicle replacements. The fund has also helped the Village to better estimate the number of hours spent maintaining the fleet. A majority of equipment and vehicle maintenance is performed in-house by Village employees.

During 2012, the Fleet Internal Service Fund has plans to purchase: a used single axle and a tandem axle dump truck; a utility service truck with a crane; two standard pick up trucks; a replacement utility van; a used garbage truck; a used fork lift; a replacement lawn mower; a rough mower for a skid steer; three replacement salt boxes for small plow trucks; and various equipment attachments replacement tools and pumps. The Fleet Internal Service Fund will make the 2012 purchases without incurring any debt.

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