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Highway 50
Beginning this spring, the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) will begin a resurfacing project on State Highway 50 between 116th Avenue and 43rd Avenue. Resurfacing a road is different than reconstructing a road. Resurfacing rehabilitates only the top layers of the roadway and is meant to extend the life of a road. During a reconstruction project all layers of the road are completely replaced once the road has reached the end of its useful life.

As part of a long-range improvement plan for the Highway 50 corridor, WisDOT evaluated capacity needs, local access points and intersections along the roadway. As a result, a complete reconstruction of Highway 50 between I-94 and 43rd Avenue is expected to begin during 2016 and conclude during 2019. The improvements are intended to relieve traffic congestion, reduce crash rates and balance the mobility of an important corridor with access needs for local businesses. Planning for the reconstruction began during 2011 and will continue through the start of the project.

As part of the reconstruction project: Highway 50 is proposed to be widened to six lanes between 116th and 57th Avenues; the existing four-lane road will be reconstructed between 57th and 43rd Avenues; intersections along the highway will be rebuilt; and access drives will be modified. Also as part of the process, WisDOT will: identify potential aesthetic treatments along the roadway; evaluate sidewalk and bicycle needs; identify needs for stormwater management; and develop a traffic management plan.

WisDOT plans to hold public meetings related to the work at project milestones so that anyone interested can learn more about the project and provide feedback. WisDOT will also seek input from a Project Advisory Committee, which will be re-established with representatives from local businesses and governments. A fact sheet related to the project is attached below as a PDF.

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