What's News in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin

Resolution Passed
On November 28, the State Department of Transportation approved a permit for an oversized load to be transported through the Village on State Highways. The oversized load consisted of a reactor head from the shuttered Zion Nuclear Power Plant. The reactor head weighed 225,000 pounds and was 17 feet in diameter.

Late in the day on November 29, the Pleasant Prairie Police Department was first notified of the shipment by Kenosha County Emergency Management. The shipment was to pass through the Village on the morning of December 1, less than 48 hours later.

As the Village is responsible for the protection of its residents, businesses and visitors from potential dangers, including hazardous materials, and as the Village is responsible for informing the public of potentially dangerous activities, Village leadership and staff believe that the State Department of Transportation did not provide the Village public safety departments adequate time to prepare for the transport. The Village also questioned the need for the transport of the reactor head through the Village and the State of Wisconsin when alternate routes in Illinois were available.

In response to the situation, the Village Board, on Monday, December 5, passed a resolution formally requesting that the Wisconsin Department of Transportation “adopt a more cooperative, considerate and timely process to allow communities to be sufficiently forewarned and be given ample time to prepare and respond accordingly when hazardous materials are scheduled and permitted to be transported through a designated community.”

During a post event meeting related to the transport, a representative with ZionSolutions, the company responsible for decommissioning the power plant, assured local public safety officials that should any future transports be necessary through the Village, that more time would be provided for the community to prepare.

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