What's News in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin

Traffic Alert
The State Department of Transportation has permitted an oversized load to travel through the Village beginning at approximately 10:30 AM on Thursday, December 1. The load will travel at very slow speeds and WILL DELAY TRAFFIC along its route.

The load will enter the Village at Sheridan Road and travel north to Highway 165. It will then proceed west on Highway 165 to Highway 31. It will then travel north on Highway 31 to Highway 50 where it will travel west to the county line. It is expected to take several hours for the oversized load to travel this route through the Village at very slow speeds.

DRIVERS ARE ENCOURAGED to avoid these roads and choose an alternate route until approximately 1:00 this afternoon, as this will disrupt traffic in the area. State law enforcement will be accompanying the load as it travels through the Village and local law enforcement will also be assisting with traffic control efforts.

UPDATE: The oversized load traveling through the Village has passed more quickly than expected and has now completed its travel through the Village.

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