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Winter Weather
When snow starts to fall, the Public Works Department activates its Snow and Ice Removal Plan. Exactly what happens under the plan depends on the amount of precipitation that has fallen, whatís predicted to fall, the temperature, the expected duration of the storm, and moisture content. There are steps you, as a resident, can take to ensure that snow removal operations run safely and smoothly...

...Remove your vehicles from public streets when approximately 2 inches of snow has fallen or is predicted to fall.
 Vehicles parked in the road not only make it harder for our drivers to thoroughly clean the streets, but it also endangers their safety by forcing them to zigzag in and out of traffic on slippery roads. As a reminder, the Village will ticket violators.
You can learn of snow emergency announcements on Time Warner Cable Channel 25 or on the main page of this website.

...If possible, stay off the road.
 As much as possible, please avoid driving or parking on the road during heavy snowstorms. Our primary purpose is to clear streets for emergency vehicles. The less traffic our drivers encounter, the faster and more efficiently they can clear the streets.

...Drive cautiously. If you must be out, please use extreme caution. Many motorists drive too fast for conditions or try to stop too quickly. Drive slowly and defensively. Often times it is necessary to drive more slowly than the posted speed limits, which are based on dry pavement conditions. Use your headlights when precipitation starts. Always use your seat belts and drive sober.

...Use caution when you encounter a snowplow. Please use extreme caution when driving behind or passing a snow plow. State law requires that you stay at least 200 feet behind a working snowplow. When following a snowplow, make sure that you can see the driverís mirrors to ensure that the driver is able to see you. If you have to pass a working snowplow, please be careful. The snowplow can create a cloud of snow that can obscure your vision. The roadway behind a plow is usually in better condition than the roadway in front of it.

...Find winter road conditions and traffic information before getting on the road at 5-1-1. Via phone, text or online, 5-1-1 can help you plan for safer travel during the winter weather season. To learn more about this Wisconsin Department of Transportation service, visit my511.511wi.gov.

...Do not shovel or blow snow into public streets. This not only defeats the purpose of our snow plowing, but causes unsafe conditions for all drivers. All shoveled or blown snow should be piled in your yard or parkway.

...Keep children well away from the street. Please remind children playing in the snow or building snow forts or snowmen to stay well away from the street.

...Keep sidewalks and fire hydrants clear. If you live in a portion of the Village where sidewalks have been installed, please remove snow and ice from your sidewalk. Please also remember to clear snow and ice away from fire hydrants located on or near your property. Keeping hydrants clear will help save valuable time, should a fire emergency occur.

...Help your neighbors. The Village encourages all residents to please assist their frail or elderly neighbors with snow removal tasks whenever possible.

More information related to Pleasant Prairieís Snow and Ice Removal Plan is available by clicking here.

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