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Village Approach to 2012
Since incorporation in 1989, the Village has taken a consistent and steady approach towards creating a balance between economic development, residential growth and recreational resources. This balance has lent a certain level of stability to our local tax base and helped the Village work through the economic challenges of recent years. Though it has been necessary in the past few years to take measures to offset financial challenges, the Village Board and staff have remained committed to providing high-quality municipal services for a fair cost, while keeping the Village portion of your property tax payment at a stable level.

During 2012, the Village Board and staff will continue to take a conservative approach and will continue to seek out creative solutions to maintaining municipal services. In the new year, the Village will work to reinforce core public safety services and will also work to maintain a desirable environment for high-quality economic development. The Village will continue to:

use impact fees so existing taxpayers do not pay for the cost of new growth
use Municipal Levy Limits as prescribed by the State
limit the number of new budget programs for 2012
borrow only for major Village-wide capital purchases
maintain a Reserve Fund balance above 15%
only use the Fund balance as a last resort

During 2012, the Village will work to reinforce the structure of the Fire & Rescue Department. The Department will shift from a heavier reliance on volunteer (paid-on-call) firefighters to a larger base of full-time FireMedics. Seven full-time positions will be added to keep pace with growing demand for safety services, to reduce overtime costs and to improve recruitment and retention efforts (see your October 2011 Village Newsletter to learn more).

The Village will use funds previously planned for roadway improvements to pay for the additional positions. Though the shift will slow the rate at which the Village rebuilds Village-owned roads, it will help reinforce core public safety services without impacting the Village tax levy.

The Village Board, department heads and staff will remain committed to safeguarding municipal investments and operations in a cost effective and realistic manner. At the same time, the Village will remain focused on attracting new economic development in order to supplement the tax base and provide a more balanced and stable financial environment.

If you would like more detail related to the 2012 budget, you can find links to the 2011 Budget Presentation and Summaries by clicking here.

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