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Cross Connections
A cross connection is an unprotected, direct (or potential) connection between the drinking water supply and a source of contamination. To protect water utility users from situations with potential to contaminate the water supply, the Village conducts periodic cross connection inspections for both residential and business water utility customers. During 2011 and 2012, cross connection inspections will be conducted at Village businesses.

Pleasant Prairie has contracted with a private company, Aqua Backflow, Inc, to manage its Cross Connection Control Program. Aqua Backflow will assist the Village in meeting Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources mandates (Wisconsin Administrative Code Chapter NR 811) related to eliminating existing cross connections and preventing future cross connections. A plumbing cross connection is an actual or potential connection between the drinking water supply and a contamination source. Cross connections can create a serious public health hazard.

During 2011 and 2012, the inspection program will focus on 150 commercial, industrial and public authority water utility customers. Aqua Backflow’s responsibilities will include: educating water utility customers; performing site inspections; verifying that water users are in compliance; and tracking the compliance and testing of backflow preventers.

Inspectors will look at fire protection systems, boiler water feeds, irrigation systems, and other potential cross connections between potable (drinking) water and non-potable water supplies. Existing or potential hazards will be addressed and corrected to ensure the safety of the drinking water supply. More information about Aqua Backflow is available online at AquaBackflow.com.

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