What's News in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin

Paving Update
During May, the Village Board awarded a contract for paving projects to Payne & Dolan, Inc. of Kenosha in the amount of $983,262. Seven paving and road construction projects were slated for completion this year. Work on the projects began mid-June and all seven are now complete.

Work has been completed on 47th Avenue, between 116th and 128th Streets. Asphalt on 47th Avenue was pulverized and then relayed.

Work has been completed on 95th Street, between Green Bay Road and 88th Avenue, and on 80th Avenue, between 95th and 104th Streets. Asphalt was milled and relayed to prolong the life of the concrete road base. The milled asphalt was recycled for use over a future bicycle trail.

In the Mission Hills subdivision, pavement edges were milled and an ultrathin overlay of asphalt was applied.

In the Woodfield Estates subdivision, a final surface course of asphalt was applied and necessary adjustments and repairs were made.

In the Prairie Ridge retail area, a micro surface and pavement markings were applied.

Work was completed at the intersection of 102nd Street and Old Green Bay Road. Asphalt was milled and removed and new asphalt was applied.

At the intersection of Cooper Road and 85th Street, existing lane markings were removed and new lane markings and signage, similar to those at the intersection of Cooper Road and 80th Street, were reapplied.

The projects listed above were paid for with dollars from the general fund budget, including savings from reduced debt payments. No new debt was incurred to pay for these improvements.

During 2012, the Village will reconstruct the portion of 116th Street between Sheridan Road and 39th Avenue. Current plans call for the asphalt to be pulverized and new asphalt to be applied. Shoulders on the roadway will be paved and lane markings will be applied. Because State funding is no longer available and because the condition of the roadway has deteriorated, the Village will proceed with plans to reconstruct the roadway with a rural profile, similar to 116th Street west of 39th Avenue.

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