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Aqua Arena
Over the summer, a small piece of plaster lining in the new competition pool at RecPlex dislodged. In response, plans were made for the new pool to be drained so the original contractor could correct the flaw. Plans were for the repair to take approximately one week. Upon draining the pool, closer inspection revealed that the entire plaster surface of the pool needed to be removed and reapplied in order to ensure that the issue was properly resolved. The contractor who originally installed the plaster will complete the work at no additional cost to RecPlex, as the work is currently under warranty.

Because the proper solution involves resurfacing the entire pool, as opposed to a small area, the pool will be closed for a longer period of time than originally anticipated. The pool contractor has sent large samples of the plaster lining to industry specialists who are attempting to determine exactly how the plaster failed in order to ensure that a similar failure does not occur in the future. While the competition pool is closed, RecPlex members and guests are invited to use the lap lanes in the RecPlex leisure pool as an alternative to the competition pool. Though a firm completion date for the repair is not yet available, repairs are expected to be complete yet this fall. RecPlex staff and the competition pool project team apologize for the inconvenience this is causing and thank you for your understanding in this matter.

RecPlex is owned and operated by the Village of Pleasant Prairie. It is operated as an enterprise fund, a structure comparable to a business and is not supported by property tax dollars. Funding sources for RecPlex include membership fees, user fees, rental fees, sponsorships and donations.

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