What's News in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin

Olympic Coaches
Over the weekend of August 26, Olympic Coach Audrey Weisiger and National/International Coach Nick Perna conducted private instruction sessions and a competitive development seminar for approximately 40 skaters and coaches from Wisconsin and Illinois at the RecPlex Ice Arena. The program, Grassroots to Champions, focuses on the necessary developmental steps that help skaters become championship caliber competitors. Staff members at RecPlex would like to publicly thank Coaches Audrey Weisiger and Nick Perna for time spent on the development of young area skaters.

Topics covered during the seminar and instructional sessions included: jumps, body alignment, proper equipment fitting, preparing for competition, and conditioning. “All of the skaters and coaches learned so much from these amazing coaches,” commented Jane Boundy, Figure Skating Supervisor at RecPlex. “And the coaches really loved the facility! It’s possible that the coaches will return next June to present a summer skating camp.” More information about the RecPlex Ice Arena is available by clicking here.

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