What's News in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin

Public Safety System
During 2011, improvements to the public safety system are being implemented in both the Police and Fire & Rescue Departments. Computers have recently been installed in all Pleasant Prairie Fire & Rescue vehicles enabling first responders to access detailed information about the location of a call while en route to the address. Fire & Rescue personnel will be able to access information from their vehicles such as hydrant locations and site plans for industrial buildings.

An AVL (automatic vehicle location) system is also being implemented allowing Police officers, dispatchers and other Fire & Rescue personnel to see the location of rescue vehicles in order to determine which personnel can respond most efficiently to an address. This type of information will also allow emergency responders to determine more quickly what type of equipment they may need for a particular call and will provide for a safer and more efficient response.

Both the Police and Fire & Rescue departments are also in the process of implementing new public safety software systems. The systems will assist the departments with records management, computer aided dispatch and mobile computer functions. Once the software implementation is complete, the improvements are expected to streamline reporting functions by eliminating the need for redundant data entry related to a call. Improvements are also expected to allow for improved, faster sharing of call data between the two emergency response departments and public safety dispatchers.

“This is a very comprehensive and in-depth system,” explained Police Chief Brian Wagner. “There are a significant number of new processes to put in place, but once all of our personnel has had sufficient time to explore all of the options, we are expecting the system to enhance our responders’ situational awareness, safety, and our administrative efficiency.” Because of the complexity of the system, implementation is expected to take place over a period of several weeks.

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