What's News in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin

Noxious Weeds
Recently, the Village Board approved the 2011 contract with Kenosha Grounds Care to complete the mowing of noxious weeds on vacant lots in the Village. Pleasant Prairie has an ordinance relating to noxious weeds and the excessive growth of vegetation. The ordinance calls for all weeds and grass to be kept cut to a height not to exceed one foot. Should the Village receive a noxious weed complaint for weeds or grass that exceed one foot in height, the Village may have the property mowed and charge the cost to the property if not properly addressed by the property owner.

In order to file a noxious weed complaint, residents should visit the Public Works Department in person (8600 Green Bay Road) to complete a form and identify the property on a map. Residents filing a complaint will need to provide their name, address and phone number. A staff member will then inspect the property to determine whether the weed or grass height exceeds one foot.

If a violation exists, a certified/registered letter is mailed to the property owner, giving them five days to address the complaint themselves. If, after five days from the day a return receipt is received, the weeds or grass remain unmowed, the Village will arrange to have the contracted company complete the mowing of the property. The property owner will then be charged the cost of the mowing along with an additional $75 administrative fee. Please note that on occasion a return receipt is not immediately received. In cases such as this, it may take up to three weeks before the Village will be able to address the situation. For more information, please call Public Works at 262/925-6700.

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