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More than 1,034 residents are now receiving their Village Newsletter via email, and approximately 282 of the same residents have requested to no longer receive a paper copy via U.S. Postal mail. 
If you aren’t already receiving your newsletter via email and would like to try it, type your email address in the box at the bottom of the main page. You’ll receive simple and quick instructions walking you through the process.

Once you are comfortable with receiving your newsletter via email, you can decide if you’d like to opt off of the paper mailing list. To do so, email your name, your U.S. Postal mailing address, and the words “email only” to newsletter@plprairie.com. You’ll receive a confirmation email once your name has been removed from the paper mailing list. The email version of the newsletter offers the same content as the print version you receive in the mail. Thank you for your help.

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