What's News in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin

Property Purchase
Village to Purchase 4.3 Acre Property North of Pleasant Prairie Village Hall

During a Monday evening meeting, the Pleasant Prairie Village Board approved the purchase of a 4.3-acre parcel immediately to the north of the current Village Hall. The purchase of the property will provide the space needed for future expansion of Village Hall facilities or parking, while leaving sufficient green space as a buffer between Village Hall and residential properties to the east. In the near-term, the property will be maintained as an open green space.

The property, formerly owned by First Banking Center, was recently made available by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). The asking price for the property was $268,000. The Village offer of $250,000 to purchase the property was accepted by the FDIC. With the Board’s approval, a closing has been scheduled to take place on June 10. The Village had made an attempt almost twenty years ago to purchase the same piece of property, however at the time, the asking price approached $1,000,000. Future plans call for the creation of a downtown-style Village center to be built west of 39th Avenue directly across from Pleasant Prairie Village Hall.

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