What's News in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin

Police Squad Cars
As part of the annual budgeting process, the Pleasant Prairie Police Department plans for the replacement of half of its fleet of police vehicles. Replacing squad cars after two years of service helps to minimize repair costs and vehicle down-time, providing a more reliable fleet of Police vehicles. It also helps to keep resale values at a higher level.

Once new squad cars are purchased, they are outfitted with graphics that identify the cars as Pleasant Prairie Police vehicles. During 2011, the Department will be introducing a new graphic design on the replacement vehicles. The new design will provide for improved visibility and recognition of Pleasant Prairie vehicles.

The new design will be placed on four of the Department’s vehicles during 2011 and the remaining squad cars in the fleet during 2012. Both the outgoing (lower photo) and incoming (upper photo) graphics are shown at the right. Each squad car will be identified with a number, the Pleasant Prairie Police Department logo, and the Department’s website address. Each will also be clearly identified with the word “POLICE” in bold white lettering.

The replacement of the four vehicles is expected to cost approximately $86,440, which is well below the original budgeted amount for the project.

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