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Public Safety UPDATE

The Pleasant Prairie Police Department is pleased to report that three individuals have been identified in connection with three recent reports of possible child enticement incidents. The Kenosha Police Department located the involved vehicle in the City of Kenosha on Thursday evening and alerted Pleasant Prairie detectives. The three individuals were then identified and interviewed.

All three acknowledged their involvement to detectives. All three are juveniles, two are age 15, and the third is age 17. Two of the three reside in the City of Kenosha, while the third is a resident of the Village of Pleasant Prairie. All three boys told police that this was a prank, that they were out driving around and yelling at kids and that they never intended to harm anyone. The Pleasant Prairie Police Department will be referring three counts of Disorderly Conduct each, against each of the three boys, to Kenosha County Juvenile Intake Services. The three juveniles have been released to their parents.

“This has been a case that has had the entire community on edge and understandably so,” said Pleasant Prairie Police Chief Brian Wagner. “I don’t think these boys ever imagined that this incident would turn into what it has. It’s an unfortunate fact of life that sometimes teens don’t fully think through the consequences of their actions, not only for themselves but for others as well. I am confident that this point has already been made clear and will continue to be as they deal with these charges in the courts.”

Wagner added, “If anything positive came out of this, it was the way this community pulled together and got the word out.” The Department would like to thank Pleasant Prairie residents, Kenosha Unified School District and others in the community for their help in spreading the word. The Department would also like to thank our local law enforcement partners, especially the Kenosha Police Department, for their invaluable assistance in this case.

Archived copies of this and other Pleasant Prairie Police Department news releases are available by clicking here.

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