What's News in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin

Equipment Arrives
In November of last year, the Village took delivery of its newest fire engine, a 2010 Quantum Pumper-Tanker. The new vehicle was manufactured by Pierce in Appleton, Wisconsin and was purchased as part of the 2010 budget cycle. The cost of the new pumper tanker and related rescue equipment was $692,822.

The new truck replaces a 30-year old chassis, which was purchased in 1981. It carries 1,750 gallons of water, is capable of pumping 1,750 gallons of water per minute, can carry over 3,000 feet of various sizes of fire hose, and carries a “jaws of life” rescue tool, in addition to other rescue related equipment. The 1981 chassis, with 1989 body work, will be put up for sale by sealed bid. Residents interested in viewing the new pumper-tanker are invited to visit Fire Station #2 at 8044 88th Avenue.

The Village also recently took delivery of a new ambulance. The ambulance chassis was purchased in 2009 for $69,454. The ambulance module that comprises the body of the vehicle ($106,094), along with the related equipment ($20,399), was purchased in 2010. The total cost of the ambulance was $195,947. The new ambulance has replaced a 1992 ambulance that has been taken out of service. The 1992 ambulance will be repurposed for use in the Public Works department.

A new grass fire truck and rescue boat, also ordered as part of the 2010 budget cycle, are expected to arrive this spring. The grass fire truck will replace a 17-year old unit and will provide a more reliable vehicle for responses to fire emergencies. The rescue boat replaces a 15-year old inflatable rescue boat used for both water and ice rescue.

Planned projects included as part of the 2011 budget cycle have been placed on hold pending anticipated changes to the State budget. Projects that will be placed on hold include: the purchase of a rescue equipment trailer, which would provide a time savings during special emergency responses; the resurfacing of a garage floor at Fire Station #2 with a protective, non-slip finish; and the planning and design of a third Village Fire Station.

Once the impact of the State budget is known, the Village will reassess the projects to determine when they can reasonably be completed.

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