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Emergency Preparedness
On Wednesday evening, March 30, the Kenosha County Public/Private Partnership for Emergency Preparedness hosted an introductory Kick Off Event for emergency preparedness training that is available for businesses located throughout Kenosha County.

The Partnership has a mission to serve as a bridge between the private, public and nonprofit sectors in promoting cooperation and integration in disaster preparedness, mitigation, response and recovery. The creation of a county-wide, regionally linked public/private partnership is necessary to bring together key community stakeholders to: build trust; foster coordination of information and resource sharing; identify and assess vulnerabilities and preparedness needs; and to develop and implement solutions.

All businesses are invited to learn more about the training being offered. If you have questions related to the partnership and emergency preparedness training, please contact Cheryl McCrary, WCEM at 262.605.7900 or ppp@kenoshacounty.org. To learn more about public/private partnerships for emergency preparedness, please click here.

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