What's News in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin

Chateau Eau Plaines
On Monday, March 7, the Pleasant Prairie Village Board approved an agreement for Phase I consulting services with the engineering firm Crispell-Snyder, Inc. The firm will begin analysis, planning and design work to alleviate historic flooding in the Chateau Eau Plaines area, part of the Des Plaines River Basin. The project area is located south of State Highway 50 and north of 82nd Street, between 104th and 115th Avenues.

Crispell-Snyder will immediately begin to compile data, survey and perform environmental and fieldwork. They will then proceed with the initial planning and public input stages and follow up with more refined planning and modeling. The firm will also research funding, in the form of grants, for the project. An agreement for final design and construction management services will be considered once the Phase I work has been completed.

The projectís primary objective is to alleviate ongoing flooding in the Chateau Eau Plaines area. The project will also provide a regional plan for stormwater management and will allow for the effective development of the commercial area fronting the south side of State Highway 50. It will be funded through the Clean Water Utility, grants (if obtained), and property assessments.

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