What's News in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin

Highway 50
At the end of 2010, the Pleasant Prairie Village Board approved an agreement with the City of Kenosha and the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (DOT) relating to major future improvements on State Highway 50 in Kenosha County. Through months of cooperative negotiations, Kenosha County Executive Jim Kreuser, City of Kenosha Mayor Keith Bosman and State Representative and Village President John Steinbrink Sr. worked with the Wisconsin Department of Transportation to formulate a cost sharing agreement for future improvements on Highway 50.

Through the agreement, the State will cover the majority of the costs associated with the future improvements, and in return, both the Village and the City will take ownership of portions of Highway 50 east of Highway 31. “The County, City and Village worked together to save a substantial amount of money,” explained Village Administrator Mike Pollocoff. “The savings are significant. Typically, the State covers 75% of project costs, while municipalities cover the remaining 25%. In this case, the State will cover approximately 95.6% in exchange for the transfer of the roadway.”

Major improvements on State Highway 50, from roughly I-94 to 43rd Avenue, are slated for construction during 2018. The total estimated cost of the project is $87.9 million. The State will cover an estimated $84,067,600, while the City and Village will cover the remaining $3,840,200 with an approximate 50% split.

The State will begin preliminary planning within the next two years. Initial plans are expected to include three lanes in each direction, storm water management facilities and bicycle lanes in each direction. Public meetings related to the project and future proposed designs are expected to begin sometime during 2013. The transfer of ownership for the road will take place after the project has been completed.

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