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Highway 165
During 2011, State Highway 165 will be improved between Springbrook Road (CTH ML) and 39th Avenue (CTH EZ). Plans call for four vehicle lanes, separated by a raised median and complemented by bicycle lanes. Plans also call for the installation of two roundabouts, one at Springbrook Road and the other at 39th Avenue. The Wisconsin Department of Transportation (DOT) has begun using roundabouts to create slower speeds and fewer conflict points to reduce injury accidents.

Because of traffic accident and collision history, the Village sees traffic control at these two intersections as essential. The Village, in response, asked the State to install signalized intersections at these locations, however, the State’s evaluation revealed that roundabouts were warranted. In light of the safety statistics regarding injury accidents (accidents with injuries as opposed to just vehicle damage) and roundabouts, the Village supported the State’s decision.

“Though, according to the State, the improvement of the highway between the two intersections is ahead of schedule, the improvement of the two intersections is not,” explained Mike Pollocoff, Village Administrator. “The need for improved traffic flow and safety have existed here for some time, and safety statistics tell us that the design of the roundabouts will handle peak traffic levels with less potential for serious injury accidents.” During June of 2009, residents were invited to an open house-style meeting conducted by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation regarding the upcoming changes. During 2010, the State completed the acquisition of properties for the project, and work to relocate related utilities began.

The Village will work with residents adjacent to the project and the State to ensure that the acquisition of property was fair and reasonable and that the remaining residential properties remain usable and maintain their greatest possible value. The project is expected to be complete near the end of 2011.

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