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Focus on Energy

On Wednesday, December 22 at 11:00 a.m., representatives from WE Energies, Focus on Energy and the Village of Pleasant Prairie will gather at the RecPlex Aqua Arena for a check presentation ceremony. The presentation will take place on the mezzanine level. In response to energy saving measures incorporated in the construction of the RecPlex Aqua Arena, WE Energies and Focus on Energy have awarded the Village a Focus on Energy New Construction Whole Building Track Grant in the amount of $56,563. Pleasant Prairie qualified for the grant by incorporating energy efficient design in the construction of the Aqua Arena that will use at least 30% less energy on an annual basis than Wisconsin building code standards call for.

With the energy efficient design, RecPlex will save 97,638 therms of natural gas annually. This is enough energy to power 94 Wisconsin homes for one year. The estimated annual energy cost savings is $73,256. These measures also provide environmental benefits, by reducing carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxide pollutants. The effect would be similar to taking 73 cars off the road and reducing oil consumption by 1,560 barrels each year. In addition to other energy saving measures, a geothermal technology placed in Lake Andrea helps to heat and cool water and air in the newest addition at RecPlex. The addition also uses ultra-violet technology to reduce dependence on harsh chemicals to purify the pool water. “We are happy to have had the opportunity to incorporate these measures to both create a monetary savings and to lessen the environmental impact of the new facility,” explained Village Administrator Mike Pollocoff. “This was an exciting project, and we appreciate the recognition of WE Energies and Focus on Energy.” The Aqua Arena has also had a healthy impact on local tourism, having already brought thousands of visitors to the area for large aquatic competitions and events.

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