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Economic Development
The chart in the PDF below represents the estimated number of jobs gained in the Village of Pleasant Prairie by company and year. The total number of those listed is 2,310 (including jobs projected to be gained in 2011). In contrast to this number, based on information from the Kenosha County Job Center, Village staff estimates that the number of jobs lost in Pleasant Prairie between 2007 and 2009 is 1,067 (with no further losses occurring thus far in 2010).

“Given the current employment climate, the Village has fared pretty well,” explained Village Administrator Mike Pollocoff. “Pleasant Prairie, with extensive help from our economic development partner KABA, has been able to offset jobs lost with jobs gained, while still attracting and maintaining high quality employers.” The introduction of new business and industry reinforces a healthy level of economic diversity and provides added balance and stability to the local economy. The diversity can help “soften the impact” when a larger local employer closes its doors or makes cuts in their workforce. The introduction of new business also supplements the tax base, as businesses help shoulder the property tax demands along with residential taxpayers.

During 2011, the Village will continue work on a biomedical business incubator (a place where new biomedical-based businesses can grow). The Southeast Wisconsin Innovation Center will create opportunities for small businesses in the biomedical field to develop into regional employers. The intention is to help to create an even more diverse base of employers within the region that will be able to offer higher paying job opportunities for those living in the area. Bradshaw Medical serves as a successful local example. The Kenosha company designs and manufactures specialty hand-held surgical tools for use in the orthopedic field. Started in 2006, the company began with only 2,500 square feet and a handful of employees. Early this year, the company employed more than 75 people and had anticipated sales between $13 and $15 million. Read more about Bradshaw Medical in the Fall 2009 edition of Directions at kaba.org.

“We are actively trying to grow the local economy and create jobs,” explained Pollocoff. “That mission is just as important to us as providing high quality public safety and public works services. It’s been a constant part of our vision in the Village to create an environment for job creation. When we say that we work to make Pleasant Prairie a great place to live, work and play, we mean that quite literally.” The most recent update on the Southeast Wisconsin Innovation Center is available in the September issue of your Village Newsletter in the News section of this website.

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