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Emergency Messages
On the evening of August 31, residents living within a specific area in the Village received a mass emergency message from the CodeRED Emergency Notification System. The message was sent to notify nearby residents that police were seeking a man who was possibly armed and to remain in their homes. Two men believed to have weapons fled from officers with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms and the Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department. Some who received the calls expressed confusion over the word “CodeRED” appearing on their caller identification.

What is CodeRED
CodeRED is a telephone-based, mass emergency notification system used in Kenosha County to notify residents of disasters and emergency events. Sometimes referred to as a reverse 911 call, the service uses an internet mapping capability to target calls by geographic location and then distributes emergency messages directly to telephone numbers of record within the targeted location.

When you receive a CodeRED call, please listen carefully to the message. The message will typically offer a succinct explanation of the situation along with instructions as to how you should respond. Because these messages are sent to enhance public safety, please pay special care to the message.

CodeRED is only one of multiple reverse 911 options available today. In the near future, an alternate service may be utilized within the county in order to share information during an emergency situation, should the need arise again.

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