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Electronics Recycling
E-Cycle Wisconsin, the State’s new electronics recycling law, creates a program for electronics recycling that will be overseen by the Department of Natural Resources (DNR). Under the new law, as of September 1, 2010, several types of electronic devices will now be banned from landfills and incineration, regardless of where the items are from or who has used them. Items now banned from Wisconsin landfills include:

• desktop computers
• desktop printers, including printers combined with fax machines, scanners and copiers
• video display devices of at least 7” long in the longest diagonal dimension, including TVs, laptops and computer monitors
• computer peripherals, including keyboards, mice, hard drives, scanners, speakers, flash drives, external modems and other devices
• DVD players, VCRs, DVRs and other video players
• fax machines
• cell phones

To learn more about the new law, visit dnr.wi.gov/ecyclewisconsin.

Village residents needing to dispose of electronic items listed above may use the Village Compost Site, located at 8600 Green Bay Road or may call to schedule curb-side collection. Information regarding computer and accessory recycling options and rates can be found in your 2010 Village Calendar on page 9 or by clicking here. Miscellaneous electronic devices, including DVD, DVR, VCR and other video players and fax machines may be dropped off at the Compost site for a $5 fee per item. Cell phones and rechargeable batteries are accepted free of charge at: the Compost Site or Prange Municipal Center, Village Hall, and RecPlex. If you have questions regarding your recycling options, you can also reach us by telephone at 925-6700.

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