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Gypsy Moth Management
The largest number of inquiries related to the gypsy moth caterpillar are received during the months of June and July. Gypsy moth caterpillars have pairs of red then blue dots alternately running down their back. The gypsy moth is an insect pest that defoliates trees and shrubs. Female gypsy moths will deposit their egg masses on trees and shrubs, and any other surface outdoors that they find protective, such as: lawn furniture, play equipment, grills, campers and cars.

If you have identified or suspect the presence of gypsy moths on your property, please contact the Gypsy Moth coordinator for Kenosha County, Mr. Daniel Treloar at 262/857-1895 or dtreloar@co.kenosha.wi.us.

Mr. Treloar records Gypsy Moth information and passes it on to the Department of Natural Resources (DNR). Based on the number of confirmed egg masses in an area, the DNR will determine if the outbreak is widespread enough to warrant aerial spraying. When volumes warrant, the State conducts an aerial spraying program for gypsy moths, usually during the month May.

If you need immediate relief for trees on your property, it is recommended that you contact a professional arborist for assistance. There are also steps that you can take as a resident and/or homeowner to suppress the damage caused by the gypsy moth. To learn how you can manage gypsy moth removal and to learn more about identifying the gypsy moth in all stages of life, visit gypsymoth.wi.gov/.

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