What's News in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin

Village Credit Rating
On April 16, 2010, as part of Moody’s recalibration of U.S. municipal ratings, the Village of Pleasant Prairie’s long-term credit rating was raised from A1 to Aa2 with a stable outlook. Moody’s Investor Service conducted the recalibration in order to “enhance the comparability of ratings” across the various types entities the service evaluates within the private and public sectors. According to the company’s information, the recalibration does not reflect an improvement or change in credit quality. Instead, it aligns “municipal ratings with their global scale equivalent.”

Recalibrations were conducted for municipalities throughout the state (and the country). The increase in Pleasant Prairie’s credit rating is in line with the company’s anticipated conclusion that local government ratings would increase by about two rating levels. The municipal rating takes into account financial position, debt levels and governance/management, among other factors. Pleasant Prairie’s Aa2 rating indicates the Village’s “very strong creditworthiness” relative to other municipalities.

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