What's News in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin

2010 Census Update
Thank you to those of you who have completed and returned your 2010 Census form. At the time this newsletter was written, 78% of Pleasant Prairie residents had completed and returned their form to the U.S. Census Bureau. Census takers are now beginning to visit those homes that have not returned a completed form and those who receive their mail at a P.O. Box.

If a Census taker visits your home, please ask to see their ID. All Census workers carry an official government badge marked with their name and the logo shown above. They may also have a U.S. Census Bureau bag.

Please also be aware that a Census taker will never ask to enter your home. If you have a concern about a Census taker, please contact our local Census Office at 262/842-1600 for help in verifying that the person at your door is a valid Census worker. Thank you again to all who have returned their Census form.

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