What's News in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin

Pleasant Prairie Fire & Rescue
In honor of the 75th Anniversary of the Pleasant Prairie Fire Department (now Pleasant Prairie Fire & Rescue), the department is currently seeking to reconnect with past department members and family of past department members. The Pleasant Prairie Volunteer Fire Department became operational in August of 1935. Since that time, the department has steadily grown and has shared a rich history with many volunteer members who have assisted in protecting the community.

Pleasant Prairie Fire & Rescue is now requesting that anyone who has served on the department in the past, along with any family members of those who have served on the department since its formation in 1935, please reestablish contact with the department. Those with information related to past department members are asked to email fireandrescue@plprairie.com or to call 262/694-8027 Monday through Thursday between 1:00 and 5:00 p.m. “We would like to reestablish contact with past department members and create a comprehensive list for posterity sake,” explained Fire Chief Paul Guilbert, Jr. “We would love to learn all we can about the past experiences within the department so we can share its history with future generations.”

During the month of May, Pleasant Prairie Fire & Rescue will host a 75th Anniversary Celebration. The celebration will feature a parade, commemorative ceremony and more. The department will issue a public invitation to the celebration upon finalization of the schedule, prior to the event.

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