What's News in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin

Bristol and Pleasant Prairie
Bristol and the Village of Pleasant Prairie are continuing attempts to resolve differences related to Bristol’s recent annexation requests. In 2009, at the State’s request, Bristol reduced the area of their town sought for incorporation, and a nine square mile area near the Town’s center became a Village. Four weeks later, the new Village announced their intention to annex the remaining portion of the Town, approximately 23 additional square miles, into the newly formed Village.

Pleasant Prairie views Bristol’s immediate annexation attempt as a breach of a 1997 Cooperative Agreement relating to a specific area along the border between the two communities. Bristol officials have verbally announced their intention to abide by the 1997 Agreement. Based on discussions with Bristol dating back several years related to economic development along the border of the two communities, Pleasant Prairie officials would like more than a verbal commitment.

Over the past several years, Pleasant Prairie has invested nearly $13 million dollars to acquire land and make improvements that would allow for economic development to take place along Interstate 94. These improvements and the new development they have allowed for are beneficial for the local, regional and State economies.

Mike Pollocoff, Pleasant Prairie Administrator, explained, “We do not feel that Bristol is sufficiently prepared to successfully accommodate and plan for development that would have the best impact on the entire County, region and State. We remain committed to working with Bristol to find a solution that provides a positive outcome for the entire area and ensures that our boundaries will be adjacent to quality development.”

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