What's News in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin

Safety Belt Enforcement
The Pleasant Prairie Police Department participated in a safety belt enforcement program between March 12 and 21. As part of the program, police departments across the State and throughout the country receive federal funding through state traffic safety departments in order to step-up enforcement of speed, alcohol and safety belt laws. Specific enforcement periods have been set by the State for agencies to target safety belt violations during both overtime and normal patrols surrounding holiday travel periods, when there is an increased likelihood for crashes. The supplementary enforcement is part of an effort to reduce the number of traffic related deaths. Within Kenosha County, three law enforcement departments received funding to participate in programs this spring:

Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department
City of Kenosha Police Department
Pleasant Prairie Police Department

The funding was received from the Wisconsin Department of Transportation - Bureau of Transportation Safety. The State tracks the number of traffic related injuries and fatalities. The State Bureau of Transportation Safety then assigns funding based on performance within each municipality.

The Pleasant Prairie Police Department takes the prevention of fatalities very seriously and regularly enforces the safety belt law in the normal course of their patrols. To learn more about the Pleasant Prairie Police Department and their efforts on behalf of the residents of Pleasant Prairie, visit www.pppd.info. There you will find regularly posted information about the department and the work they do on your behalf.

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