What's News in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin

Ultra-High Speed Broadband
On Monday, March 15, the Village Board passed a resolution supporting a Village response to a Google Request for Information (RFI). Google is requesting information from municipalities interested in becoming a test site for an ultra-high speed broadband network. Google first posted the request on February 10, 2010. Since that time, Pleasant Prairie’s Information Technology Department has been taking steps to respond to Google’s request for information.

During March, Pleasant Prairie asked residents and community groups to respond to an online survey related to Google’s project. “Google wants municipal governments, residents and community groups to let them know ‘how much’ we’d like to join their trial,” explained Ruth Otto, Pleasant Prairie’s Director of Information Technology. “And we’d like to let them know just how much we’d like to have them test their new service here.” Along with the resident survey, Pleasant Prairie submitted detailed and concise answers to a municipal survey along with supporting video documentation of the diverse, potential customer base within the Village.

“Pleasant Prairie joins many other communities across the State and Country in a bid to become one of Google’s test sites for the ultra-high speed service,” explained Otto. “Pleasant Prairie would absolutely love to be selected as a test site for Google’s new service, and we’re so glad that Google has had such an overwhelming response. It’s a great testament to the number of communities who are open to new ideas and thinking towards the future.” Though Pleasant Prairie is submitting an independent response to the request, the Village also supports the County’s response for the entire Kenosha area.

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