What's News in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin

Safety Belt Enforcement
As part of a lifesaving effort to reduce the number of preventable traffic deaths to “Zero In Wisconsin,” Pleasant Prairie Police will intensify its safety belt enforcement patrols from March 12th to 21st.

“Our intensified safety belt enforcement during this period and throughout the year will help save lives and reduce serious injuries from traffic crashes. Any preventable traffic death or injury is one too many,” said Chief Wagner. “Our goal is not to write more tickets but to increase voluntary compliance with Wisconsin’s mandatory safety belt law. That’s why we want all drivers and passengers to buckle up voluntarily. But if they don’t wear a safety belt, we’re prepared to stop their vehicle and give them a ticket. Like the slogan says – ‘Click It or Ticket.’ And that means every trip, every time.”

The increased safety belt enforcement effort in March is part of a $15,000 grant that Pleasant Prairie Police Department received from the Wisconsin Department of Transportation - Bureau of Transportation Safety. An archived copy of this and other Pleasant Prairie Police Department new releases is available by clicking here.

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